I Am Lusabara,

I HELP Network Marketers generate more leads (potential customers) & Sales Online, instead of approaching their friends and family members.

I’m here to show you through my own experiments exactly how you can stop trading time for money and start building a business that works for you. I’m here to show you how it works.

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Our main focus is on a marketing method called “Attraction Marketing“, which simply means ATTRACTING customers to you by building your brand and offering values, instead of going out there pitch to a group of “cold traffic” (people who are not interested) and hopefully they will join you.

Discover Recruiting Techniques We Use to Sponsor Hundreds of New Reps Without Ever Picking Up the Phone!


Build Audience

Choose blogging platform

Build a web page

Integrate with autoresponder

Publish the right content

Target the right people

Build a list of emails

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Engage Them

Send freaking mails

Provide values

Give them free stuffs

Reach your objectives

Improve your relationships

Build authority and trust

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Sell Products

Build the dang order forms

Make sales video

Integrate form with video

Bump order form and upsell

Sell them stuff

Test, tweak & optimize your ads

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Your team will never utter these words again:

“I don’t have anyone to talk to. And if I did, I wouldn’t know what to say anyway.”

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This is how I can help you:

Laptop Lifestyle

Want to start building a network marketing business using internet? NOW you really only need a passion, a computer, at least $500 and an internet connection. And this is something that will seriously impact your life.

Start A Blog

Do you want to start a money-making blog? We have the quickest and easiest way to get your blog online. We can make it for you (Only $99 or $166). Or… you can spend $346+ and do it yourself, or you could save the money (plus get it done for you by experts).

Advanced Course

I’m teaching people how to make money online at the comfort of their own homes. I spend 80% of my time at home and earn more than 80% of people who commute to work (and fight with traffic) everyday.

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The Days of Making a List of Your Warm Market, Chasing Your Friends and Family, Cold-Calling Leads, and Showing the Plan... ARE DEAD!​
Use internet to build your Network Marketing business


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May I show you My Secret Community which has allowed me to:

  1. Build My Network Marketing Business Using Internet
  2. Work from HOME & Never have to work for any BOSS!
  3. Surround myself with a bunch of aspiring Internet Entrepreneurs :)
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We don't do any "recruiting". We integrate Internet Marketing with Multi-Level Marketing.

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