10 Reasons Why Facebook Fan Page “Likes” (or fans) Are Worthless!

Written by on March 4, 2018

If you are reading this, I can only assume you have been sold on the idea that as a business you NEED a Facebook Fanpage (for your Brand/Business). You might believe that having this business page is key to your generating more business. And also, as a business with a Facebook Fanpage, you need to have tons of engaged fans to make the most of it.

Over and over I hear of businesses and personal brands who have created Fanapges and are looking for ways to:
a) add more fans and
b) engage those fans to hopefully monetize them by making them clients/customers.

Since the dawn of time (not literally but you get what I mean) I have been screaming from the rooftops that Facebook Business Fanpage “Likes” or “Fans” are useless. Granted, this is only my opinion but I think it’s for good reason.

Let me share with you the 10 reasons why I feel this way…

1) I “Like” you but not “that” way.

Some guy just had a flashback to 8th grade when he told the girl he crushes on that he likes her and she responds “I like you too, just not “that” way. (Ouch!).

Just because someone likes your page doesn’t mean they actually like anything to do with you or your business. People like pages for all sorts of reasons…

In fact, if you look at all the pages you like right now, there are probably a bunch in there you don’t even remember liking.

Just because someone likes your page, doesn’t really mean they actually like you or your business. It could have been just a slip of the mouse click 😉

2) I’ve got 75,437 fans and no money.

There is also the belief out there that fans equal customers (or cash).

Not the case. I don’t have to go too far to even try to prove that statement is true. Just look at your own fan base. What percentage of them are customers?

There are very few people in the world that know how to monetize a Facebook Fanpage and just because they can do it, it doesn’t mean you can do it. It is both an art and a science and probably one that you don’t have the time (or money) to invest in.

I know a ton of people who have TONS of fans and a broke business.

Which brings me to my next point…

3) Glitz and Glamour

Fans are oftentimes nothing more than a vanity metric. Sure it can help with a little surfacy social proof (well it can actually help with a lot of social proof) but that’s about it.

In that last several weeks, I have been generating close to 10,000 likes a day for a client (at $.06 a like). That’s almost 1 Million fans in three months. Does that translate into dollars? Nope! But it sure as hell looks good 😉 and that’s all he cares about.

But more often than not it’s nothing more than vanity… like the wanabe baller who thinks he’s got game because he’s sporting the newest high-end Jordan’s. If you’re just sitting on the bench and someone sees your shoes, they might think you got skills (social proof) but that masquerade can only last for so long.

If you want a bigger ego, sure, get more fans.

If you want more Dinero in the bank account as a business owner, fans aren’t the best metric for it.

4) Everyone is watching!

All your fans are seeing everything you put out… Not really! If you already haven’t noticed, your fans aren’t even seeing your posts anymore. Statistics are showing that 3–5% of your fans are actually seeing your posts (That might be totally made up but it seems pretty accurate). Sure, there are things you can do to boost engagement, but even then Facebook has changed things up now and you’re going to have to ‘pay to play’.

In other words, even if you have amazing content that is highly engaging, you’re going to have to pay for people to see it. And if you’re going to pay anyway, might as well skip the whole fans thing and go straight to advertising. (More about that in a second).

5) Can I get a discount?

Some will argue but it’s cheaper to advertise to fans rather than ‘cold’ audiences. So what I hear some people suggest is pay to get the fan first and then advertise to them.

Wait what? Sure, advertising to your fans CAN be cheaper, but not if you also have to pay for the “Like” first. That’s 2-stepping the process. And the way I teach people to advertise, they get fans automatically as a result (as a nice by-product of a good ad but not the point of the ad).

6) A Loyal Tribe!

I hear people say, my fans are my tribe. It’s where I can interact with them on a regular basis.

Sure, if they are seeing your posts. And if you have mastered how to create engaging content. And if you have all the time in the world. But most fans are not seeing your posts and most business owners don’t know how to craft engaging content. Not to mention, you probably don’t have an extra 8 hrs a day laying around.

If you want to build a ‘tribe’ on Facebook my experience shows me that Facebook GROUPS are the better way to go. (But that’s a whole other article).

7) I only have 24 hours in a day!

The reality of ‘Social Media’ is that it’s a non-stop, 24hrs a day type thing. Don’t think that if you really want to utilize Facebook as a social media platform, you can do it by scheduling a few posts a week and you’re “good”.

No! The people who are making social media work are posting 7x a day. They have full time staff just to manage that aspect of their business.

Plus, there is no real way to measure the ROI from that effort. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be paying someone $65,000 a year to write a few posts that no one reads just for the sake of saying I have a social media strategy. $65k properly spent on Ads will yield me at LEAST $95,000.

8) Dancing at a Funeral

You wouldn’t have streamers, blow horns and balloons at a funeral would you? We’ll normally you wouldn’t. Why? Because a funeral is typically not the context to have a party.

Likewise, Facebook being a social media platform (not a commerce platform like Ebay or Amazon) doesn’t make it the best place to conduct business. That is why my #1 suggestion for running Facebook Advertising is to generate a list, so you can take a prospect OFF the Facebook Platform onto one you own, which is more conducive to marketing. (I have a whole training on this point alone, it’s that important).

9) Multiple personality?

Which takes me to my point of understanding the difference between the 2 ‘heads’ of Facebook.

Facebook as a social media platform VS Facebook the advertising platform. Although there is some cross over between the two, I tend to look at these VERY separately.

In general, as a business owner I could care less for Facebook as a Social Media platform.

(If I am trying to build a community of some sort (and your business might warrant that) I would take a closer look at Facebook Groups as the means to do that — but that doesn’t apply to MOST businesses)

What I do care about, is Facebook as an Advertising Platform. In my opinion, it is the BEST, hands down, bar-none advertising platform in the world. And if you know how to use the platform properly, it can generate untold amounts of business for you. (But that is for another article/training).

If you are a business owner looking to use Facebook to grow your business focus and master the Advertising side of Facebook NOT the Social Media side.

10) The Summary

(which is not a reason, but I just wanted to have 10 points in this post because I read on a blog post that 10 is the ideal number of points to have in a list post)

Q: Should you have a Facebook Fanpage?
A: Maybe and Yes. Let me explain…

Maybe – because it depends on your business.
For MOST businesses, it’s not worth having a business/brand page (this is different from an INTEREST / Niche page which is more like a Fan Club that exsists around a popular topic — which can work very well but for most business owners that doesn’t apply). This is a realization that big names like “Copyblogger” have come to learn and as a result shut down their Facebook Fanpage

If you want to have one just for the sake of having one sure why not… but don’t spend too much time or effort with it.

It can also act as good social proof IF you have a whole tons of fans on there. If not, it can actually work against you. Just think about the last time you went to a “great business” that only had 70 fans… what did you end up thinking of that business?

But… I would say “Yes” to a fanpage because for the type of advertising I recommended, you need a fanpage. Admittingly, it’s the only reason I have a fan page. I rarely ever update anything on my page and know I get zero engagement on it.
Do I care?
Because I use Facebook as an Advertising medium NOT a Social Media one.

But if you want, head over to my page and “Like” it. You probably wont see any posts from me but it would make me feel just a little bit warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

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