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So, while the average Old-School Network can only do 5 – 10 presentation on a good day… These are benefits you’ll get if you decide to JOIN Braiweb TEAM today.


We Have Created “An Army of Robots” to Sell Your Products and Opportunity to Hundreds, or Even Thousands of Qualified Prospects on Your Behalf, Every Single Day, Automatically…

Hi, my name is Lusabara Essau… I’m the brain behind Braiweb team. If leveraging internet to build a long lasting network marketing business sounds exciting to you then this could be one of the most important news you ever read this year.


Way back July 2015, when I started MLM business seriously… I come to figured out two things…


First, I absolutely hated pitching my business to people, whether they were friends and family members. The whole process just made me sick. If you have been there, I’m sure you can relate.


Second, in order to become rich, I knew I would need to sell a lot of stuff to a lot of people… and that was going to be difficult given the fact that I only had few hours each day to build my business…


So the bottom line was, I needed to figure out how I could show the business to 1000 per day, instead of 10 people per day, which meant there was only one solution…

lusabara (17)

But before I start addressing this solution I need 2 favors from you:


  1. Promise me that you’re going to read this report to the end and take massive action πŸ™‚ The worst thing you can do to yourself is learn something and it just remains as information in your mind.
  2. Help me help more people by sharing this post to your social media friends or downlines by clicking social share button below. Your one click can save the lives of many struggling Old School Networkers.



Thanks for helping me spread the message! You’re a hero! πŸ˜‰


But before we touch on my promise, I want to warn you! That…

What You’re About to Discover Is Definitely Going to Ruffle More Than A Few Feathers…

In fact, it’s going to make some of the self-righteous ‘Old-School‘ network marketing gurus downright FURIOUS… but I don’t care because you need to hear this…


The days of Making a list of your warm market, chasing your friends and family, cold-calling leads, and showing the plan…



Ok, may be they aren’t dead. Not yet anyway. But they’re certainly OUTDATED… Totally inefficient and a complete waste of time for most people. Besides, I don’t know about you but I never found any of those Old-School methods even the least bit enjoyable. In fact, building a network marketing business the way you and I were taught by our upline leaders and network marketing companies…


Just Plain Sucks!

I mean seriously, how much fun is it when your friends ignore you and stop picking up your phone calls? I remember every time someone would laugh, scoff or make fun of me, it was like a slap in the face… And every time I would feel rejection like that, all I wanted to was prove them wrong. So I’d work even harder, waste more time calling people who weren’t interested, spend more money than I could afford on buying books, seminars and CDs… Only to end up in further in debt and more frustrated than ever before. So after years of trying, struggling and failing, here’s what I finally figured out…


The ineffective, outdated methods being preached by your upline and MLM company are not only a waste of time…


But they’re the #1 reason why so many network marketing hopefuls eventually end up failing miserably, become burn out and leave the industry…


And yet these ineffective, ridiculous tactics are STILL being proliferated by old-school networkers 🙂


If you aren’t seeing the result you want in your network marketing business, then chances are, you now know WHY. But while YOU and most networkers continue struggle with the same old outdated recruiting & sponsoring tactics… there are an elite few harnessing this powerful SECRET to make an absolute fortune in network marketing. Here’s the truth…

The Future of Network Marketing Is About Leveraging the Internet to Build Your MLM Business.

If you’re reading this… now may be you’re already familiar with the power of internet and you have learned a few things about online recruiting and list building…


And if so, Congratulations!


If you’re like most struggling networkers, you’re not getting the results you want online… and if that’s the case, I have a good and bad news for you!


Bad news… It’s only going to get more difficult because this industry is growing extremely fast, and that means more people are competing for your prospects attention… And with so much competition and noise there, most networkers won’t stand a chance in this new environment.


But the good news is it doesn’t have to be that way for you… Because there really is an easier and more effective way to quickly build a large network organization, so, instead of talking to 10-20 people a day only to get rejected by most (if not all) of them.


And instead of struggling to drive traffic and generate leads for your business, with little or no results to show for your efforts… now you can do what my team and I do.

Now, let me Introduce you…

“An Army of Robots”

That slips into your prospects’ homes, crawls onto their desks and gives the perfect “Sales pitch” every single time without fail.

Yep, I Said “Robots”

(Stick with me and I’ll explain how you can do this in a second)

And once you have this set up, your traffic getting, lead generating, sponsoring & Recruiting, money-getting robots will do 80-90% of the heavy lifting for you.



You Can Sponsor More Reps by Working Less…


And you’ll instantly join the rank of new bread of networkers who are breaking all the records in this industry.


Here’s the best part…


If you do it exactly the way we’re going to teach you, it works every single time, without fail.


Braiweb Is The Most Powerful Business Automation Marketing Tool You Could Ever Hire!

Simply put…


Using Braiweb is like having a little automatic money making downline robot working for you, tirelessly… day and night…24 hours a day…seven days a week.


It’s Awesome! πŸ™‚

Forget Everything You Have About Cold-Calling, Giving Presentations And Coaxing Your Friends And Family Into Attending Hotel Meetings.

Here’s WHY??


While the average network can only do 10 -20 presentation on a good day… With Braiweb, you’ll be giving 1000, 5000, 10000 or more per day while working less…


Now let me ask you a question…


Who do you think is going to build s/he business faster, and make more money? 


The person doing 10 presentations  per day, or the person doing 1000?


The obvious answer is the person doing 1000 presentations.


So instead of prospecting everyone that meet, when you join braiweb… you can embrace our community that prospects for you…

Or stay there, chase people and make follow up calls until you turn blue in the face.


The CHOICE is yours… Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


In fact, from this moment on…


If you want to make real money in any kind of home business…


  • Sponsor as many reps as you want, and…
  • Make cash ‘on demand’ almost any time you want.


Then all you need to do is to join us and use Braiweb as your marketing tool.


And here’s the funny part… you do it with ZERO REJECTION!


WITHOUT using the “old as dirt” methods still being taught to wide-eyed Network Marketers all over the world as your read this.

Are You Catching On Yet?


GREAT! Coz today is your lucky day.


Now let me set things very clear.


This system is specifically created for people who want to build their Network Marketing business using internet, networkers who are not getting the results they wanted, or who simply are tired with same outdated recruiting & sponsoring tactics…


The Purpose: To make Network Marketing business easy and fast – Especially for the average person who have no enough time, who can’t talk to people, who finds follow through tough, painful and tedious and…


Second, to make Network Marketing business effective… without using screaming headlines or wild-haired claims that make customers’ “B.S. Alarms” Sound off…

What Next?

The most logical step for you to take (if you want to get started today) is to make sure you set up your Braiweb Business Automated Marketing (BAM) (your marketing machine).


That is the ONE THING that is going to create a BIG change in your business.
And I want to help you do that.


For just $488 you can join MLM business and become our team member! You can get access to our entire BAM tool…


The 24 Hour Cash Machine


Where my team and I will show you a step by step process on how to set up your BAM in minutes even if you have no any only marketing experience.


The reason I’m giving away this product at this ridiculous crazy price (from the original $6497) is because of 2 reasons.


  1. I want to remove any resistance in advance that you might have in taking immediate action.
  2. I want to help you with your business by actually helping you before you feel that you are risking any large amount of money. Let me take the risk for this transaction ($488 is very low investment compared to value that you will get from our MLM company’s products)

The Days of Making a List of Your Warm Market, Chasing Your Friends and Family, Cold-Calling Leads, and Showing the Plan... ARE DEAD!​
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