I Will Design A Beautiful, Results-Driven, Custom-Designed Personal Brand Site That Captures Your Essence for YOU…

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LusabaraEssau.com for $349 (more than 75% Off!)

This Offer is Limited to the Right 25* Networkers –

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Secure your spot with a $150 refundable application deposit

Dear Fellow Networker,


If you’ve been thinking of easy ways to build your network marketing business online, I’ve got an amazing crazy OFFER for you.


I’m looking for established networkers, publishers, speakers, and thought-leaders in the entrepreneurial world to create customized personal brand sites for… at such a bargain that you’d think something suspect must be going on.


I’ll explain why I’m doing this seemingly mad idea in a minute, but if the above description fits you, here’s what I want to do for you:

I want to build you a highly customized website that’s in total alignment with your image, your goals, your philosophy, and your brand. A website that doesn’t just support or enhance your message… but one that amplifies it.


You’ll be getting a personal brand site that not only makes you look amazing and stand out from the crowd, but more importantly one that will build your list, generate you leads, and convert visits into sales.


Because I understand usability and persuasion architecture, your website will be built with your ideal prospects in mind as well as your larger marketing plans and strategies. You won’t just be getting a mere brochure – you’ll be getting the ultimate marketing vehicle that will generate you greater profits for the long-term.


I’ll have it all done and delivered in 20 days or less.

Here’s What You’ll Get In Your Beautiful, Results-Driven Personal Brand Site…

You’ve “been meaning to get this done” forever… here’s your chance to get it right.

I understand why, despite knowing you absolutely need to revamp your personal brand site, you just haven’t made it a priority.


I myself, despite dos and dons – struggled with getting my own brand site exactly how I wanted it to look – for years!


The truth is we don’t always know what we want (or if we do, we find it hard to articulate that vision to the people/designers actually creating it). It’s no easy feat to formulate a clear vision for your website and then communicate that vision so that technically- minded developers and designers could translate it effectively.


Also, it’s hard to find designers and developers who “get you.” You haven’t found the “right” team to capture your unique personality and express it in your online presence. Or the “right team” is too booked up or expensive!


And let’s be honest – you simply haven’t made it a priority because there are plenty of more profitable things to focus on in your life and business.


The good news is we have eliminated all those barriers for you!

We’ll Deliver Your Beautiful Personal Brand Site In Several Simple Steps (Making It Easy For You)

Before I build your site, I’ll first develop a clear understanding of your business, your vision, your brand, voice, message, your overall business goals, target audience, and the conversion goal of each page, among other things. I call this your website’s Vision Blueprint, and you will be creating it with your Project Manager through our intake questionnaire.

  • STEP 1

    Simply fill out the “Networker Insights Questionnaire” (I will email it to you after your application gets approved)

  • STEP 2

    Provide us with your website copy for each page. We have certain systems in place to help support you in this like copy formulas for certain web pages, tips on how you could structure your copy, etc.

  • STEP 3

    I’ll create each page of your site as per your Vision Blueprint. You’ll always have access to see how this progresses.

  • STEP 4

    Give us feedback and then we’ll do the revisions accordingly until we’re both happy with the end result.

Your website’s Vision Blueprint will ensure we’re all on the same page and I bring your vision to life as accurately as possible. You’ll always have the chance to collaborate with me and you’ll be able to give feedback.

I guarantee you’ll LOVE your site.


I provide up to 3 revisions per page design (though we often crush it with the first design) to ensure you love every page of your site.


However, if you’re not thrilled with your site after the 3 revisions, I’ll keep on working with you until you are. My guarantee is that simple.


This will probably be the only time I’ll offer this level of customization at this price point, and I’m only doing it for the right 25 Networkers.

Limited to 25 Spots By Application Only

The catch is I’m limiting this offer to the right 25 Networkers only because I’ll only have enough bandwidth for that much, plus I’m aiming to complete them within 20 days or less from date of payment.


This isn’t some scarcity tactic to get you to buy now, I’m honestly only offering what I can confidently fulfill on with the best quality possible, and to achieve my portfolio goals and impact initiative.


I also want to build this for networkers that meet certain criteria, so I have decided that it’s best to get applications in with an initial deposit of $150 to secure a spot.


So if you are interested in what I’m trying to build here, you can apply here.

The $150 fee you pay will serve as a down-payment if your application gets accepted, and I’ll refund it to you if your application gets declined.


Once accepted, I’ll send you the link and login credentials for you to access client dashboard where will immediately start implementing your work. The remaining amount in full will be paid on completion (or optionally pay 2 payments of $199).


Secure your spot with a $150 refundable application deposit

We’ll Do Everything in Our Power to Make Your Site Epic…

However, I want to set some expectations of what I won’t do so I can serve you best:

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the process for those with new sites?

I’ll walk you through a detailed Visioneering questionnaire, get your photography (we’ll have tips for you), and collect your content (I have a simple process for this too), then I’ll get designing! Once your homepage is complete and approved, I’ll use that same style for your other custom pages. You’ll just review, give feedback, and approve along the way.

Take Advantage of This Rare And Limited Opportunity Now

The bottom line is I get that what you need ultimately is a personal brand site that doesn’t just make heads turn, but one that leaves a lasting mark in the readers’ minds; a site that doesn’t just surprise and delight, but one that moves minds, touches hearts, and ignites people to action.


Now is probably your once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a fully customized, beautifully-designed, lead-generating, high-converting, epic Personal Brand Site with all the features and functionalities your growing business needs at this price point, so take advantage now while you still can.


And let’s face it – Where else will you find an opportunity to help lift an entire village out of poverty permanently while acting on your own vested interests?

Apply now by filling out the application form here to get your Personal Brand Site today.


Remember you can take advantage of the 2-part payment plan if you get accepted. Simply pay the first half once you get accepted and the remaining amount will be due upon project completion.


I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve you in making the world a better place through your message, and I’m SO excited to create the beautiful platform your brand deserves. I look forward to working with you personally.


Best Regards,

Lusabara Essau

PS: This is probably the one and only time we’ll make this package at this high level of customization with this low pricing. Let me redesign your website for mere $349.


Secure your spot with a $150 refundable application deposit

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