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8 Easy Ways You Can Quickly Cut Down Your Blood Sugar
8 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Losing Weight Without Counting Calories
Yoga for Back Pain Relief: 9 Best Poses for Women Older Than 40 Years


Combined with a healthy diet, supplements can be the ultimate tool of the 21st century to transform your health. Deficiencies are more common than most people realize and often go undiagnosed.

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Discover exactly what to eat to lose belly fat & feel energized 24/7 – without hard dieting. FACT: A person over 40 need to eat differently than younger guys to burn off belly fat,  feel energized, & stay healthy. These articles will show you what to eat without the frustration of “normal diets.”

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Yoga is a low intensity workout that can totally transform your body like no other exercise. Beginner workouts, routines, and tips to target and improve flexibility, aches and pains, weight loss, and stress.

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