How To Become An Expert With Facebook Ads (From Beginner To Expert)

Written by on June 5, 2018

Becoming An Expert With Facebook Ads:

Hello! Lusabara Essau here. In today’s post you’re going to discover how to become an expert with Facebook ads.

Now here’s the thing…

What makes you an expert with Facebook ads has absolutely nothing to do with Facebook.

It has nothing to do with any of the setting in Facebook, how you use the ads manager, how you use anything in Facebook.

It has nothing to do with Facebook at all.

The only thing that will ever make you a expert at any advertising platform is understanding two things that we’re gonna talk about in this video & blog post.

Mastering the art of the creative:

If you want to make ads profitable, if you want to be an expert at anything, you have to become a master at the fundamentals and with any advertising, it always boils down to the creative.

The words that you use, the image that you use, the offer that you make, is what makes an ad successful, not whether it’s on Facebook, or on Twitter, or on Google, and not whether it’s on the back of the church bulletin at your local church.

None of that stuff matters.

Where you put your ad only matters in terms of if your target audience is there or not, but becoming an expert at anything, especially Facebook ads, is gonna come down to understanding the messaging, and to be able to master that art of the creative. To get messaging down right, you have to understand a few key areas.

Get Inside Your Ideal Customer’s Head

The first is psychology. Right?

Now everything that goes into what you say on your ad boils down to understanding what’s going on in the head of your ideal customer.

What are the conversations that they’re having inside of their head?

How do they relate to your product or service?

You need to understand that element because if you can’t speak to your ideal customer in a way that talks to their emotions, talks to their problems, helps them understand how what you do can help them, if you can’t do that, they’re never gonna buy from you.

It doesn’t matter if you put an ad out there on Facebook.

If you’re not speaking to somebody right, your ad is not gonna convert.

It doesn’t matter if you put it there or Google or wherever.

What Drives Your Ideal Customer?

The second thing is human motivation.

You really need to understand what motivates and drives people to take action. What gets them off the couch to go to the grocery store and buy food? What gets them to stop scrolling through their newsfeed while they’re looking at what their friends and family are doing, and click on your ad?

What motivates them to take action, whip out their wallet and give you money for something?

If you don’t understand any of that stuff you’re never gonna be able to put an ad together. You’re certainly never gonna be able to become an expert at Facebook ads if you don’t understand that piece.

Can you be persuasive?

Another thing that you’re gonna have to understand is persuasion because the words that you use in your creative need to be persuasive enough.

They need to motivate and persuade them into doing what you want them to do, which ultimately should be in their best interest to do. Right?

NOTE: If you’re trying to create ads that get people to just do what you want, and you know it’s not really going to help those people out, you’re not mastering the creative. Your creative won’t be profitable long-term and your business won’t be sustainable, because that’s just really tricking people. Usually those kinds of businesses don’t have the right delivery systems in place and as soon as people find out that you’re tricking them, they spread the word, it goes viral online and you’re out of business in a heartbeat.

Take Harvey Weinstein, for example. You can go one day from being on the top of the world to being at the bottom of the sea. That’s what happens with the internet these days. That’s the power that the internet holds.

Buying Behaviors:

The last piece that you need to understand is buying behaviors. The way that you position your pricing, the way that you set up all of the points of your marketing funnel will contribute towards moving somebody through their buying behaviors. If you don’t speak to those issues and you don’t set up your creative right to accomplish all of that stuff, then you’re never gonna become an expert at Facebook ads.

The platform doesn’t matter. It’s what you do with your actual ad.

Mastering the art of conversion:

This is the second thing that’s going to determine whether you’re gonna become an expert at any advertising. Whether it’s on Facebook or not, mastering the art of conversion is an essential part of becoming an ad expert.

If you want your ads to be profitable, it doesn’t stop when somebody clicks on your ad.

The entire process that you take people through from once they click on your ad and land on whatever page that you’re going to put them on in your marketing funnel or your website or wherever you’re sending that traffic, from that point forward, you have to master the art of converting that traffic into a customer.

Page and funnel optimization:

Now you’re gonna need to understand landing page optimization and funnel optimization. That’s simply making strategic changes and tests to that page, and the pages in your funnel so that people can understand your offer. You want a high enough percentage of them take the next step so that you can get enough people to the point where they buy to make the whole thing work for you.

Back End Email Marketing:

You also need to understand back end email marketing. One of the key components to making Facebook ads work and becoming an expert at advertising is getting people to convert. You need to follow up with them.

So, understanding how to do email marketing and ongoing email followup will allow you to become an expert at Facebook ads.

That’s where the majority of your sales are actually going to be made.

Offer Optimization:

Then you’ve got offer optimization, which is the process of actually testing, tweaking and refining your offers so that it speaks to your ideal customer in a way where a high enough percentage of them buy. Which in turn means that you’re making money.

If you don’t understand how to change the offer, how to reposition the offer, or how to structure and set up an offer that gives people what they’re looking for, you’re never gonna be an expert at Facebook ads.

Retargeting Ads:

Lastly you’re gonna need to understand retargeting ads.

In order to be an expert, you have to add that element to whatever you’re doing. We see at minimum a 25% increase in sales by simply having the right retargeting ads in place.

Wait, that’s it?

I’m telling you, if you master those two elements, the art of the creative and the art of conversion, that’s what’s gonna make you an expert with Facebook ads.

None of the settings, none of these little tweaks inside of there, strategies, whatever, that stuff is not going to make you an expert because you can do all that stuff, but if you have the wrong creative and/or you have the wrong conversion process, you can know all the settings in the world and you’re never gonna make money with your ads.

Ultimately, if you don’t make money with your ads, no one is going to consider you an expert, right?

So, if you truly want to be an expert at Facebook ads, you will go out and master the art of the creative and master the art of conversion.

Cut The Nonsense:

Do you believe that you have to be some kind of great writer in order to put together Facebook ads that convert?

Well I’m telling you that’s actually nonsense.

Do you believe that you have to have some kind of mystical settings or know something that will allow you to target buyers properly on Facebook that’s just being held from you?


And while we’re at it, do you believe that you actually have to have like really deep pockets with a lot of money to burn in order to test and find out what’s actually gonna work for you so you can be profitable with Facebook ads?

Well, that’s nonsense too.

I look forward to seeing your success.

To the victor, belong the spoils.

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