How to Embrace Multiple Income Streams & Make Money From the 90% Who Say NO

Written by on May 8, 2018

This is HUGE for me, and is a key component of what can take you from zero to hero.

If you only have one revenue stream, it’s going to be difficult to create financial freedom online.

ALL top earners online embrace multiple income streams that serve their audience… It’s just smart business.

If you are with a company where you are only allowed to market ONE solution, you are going to be in trouble.

That’s like putting all of your eggs in ONE basket and hoping for the best.

Zero diversification. Massive risk. It isn’t smart business. And YOU are the one who has to provide for your family (not your MLM company).

Can you imagine if McDonald’s was only allowed to sell hamburgers?! They would go broke! (and so will you if you continue to try and build your business with handcuffs on!)

McDonald’s makes their profits from all the other stuff you buy once you are in the restaurant: the upsell on the fries, soda, ice cream etc. In fact, the most profitable upsell in the history of the world is…

Would you like fries with that?

Here’s why multiple income streams are a big part of the proven ‘Attraction Marketing Method,’ and why you need them if you want any chance of success…

I used to market my business opportunity up front because that’s what the company told me to do (this was before I found the information you’re reading right now).

And here’s what happened:  If my prospect wasn’t interested in my business opportunity, which was 90% of everyone I exposed to the presentation, that was the end of the road!

The relationship was over because all I had to offer was my business opportunity.

I started wrapping my head around creating VALUE for my audience, and started focusing on what THEY want…

Versus just pitching my business opportunity to everyone I met…

If someone was NOT interested in my specific business opportunity, but they already had a business, or were looking to start one… I knew that they would need to learn traffic, and how to make money with their business via the internet.

So my partners and I built an education platform & solution that would do just that (don’t worry, you won’t have to!)

Imagine if all day you are connecting with your audience of entrepreneurs, and 90% of them are not interested in your specific business opportunity…

Warren Buffet Quote

But instead of just saying bye-bye to 90% of your prospects…

What if you could still connect with, serve, build a relationship with, and offer the 90% a SOLUTION that solves the problems they already encounter (or will inevitably encounter) as a home business owner?

ALL BUSINESS OWNERS REQUIRE LEADS AND MONEY – so what if you could ask the people who say NO to your opportunity a very simple question…

“How are you doing with generating leads for your business?”


“Ok, no problem… would you by chance be interested in learning how to get an extra 12+ fresh, interested, quality prospects each day for YOUR business?”

This question has made our community a LOT of money because we’ve spent since 2008 perfecting a solution that trains entrepreneurs how to get more leads and make more money… (because that’s what our audience wants!)

So in theory, every single conversation you have with every prospect COULD make you money… and that my friend, is a complete game-changer… and this is how you finally turn a profit and create financial freedom!

Does Attraction Marketing Really Work?

Hear from leading experts & check out these success stories

The business owners below are now household names, and today they have created businesses and lifestyles of absolute freedom…

But each of the leaders below struggled for years until they found ‘Attraction Marketing.’

Once they started branding themselves, creating value for their audience, and following this exact ‘7-Step Attraction Marketing Method,’ they started attracting customers and buyers, they started making sales, and they started living the life of their dreams…

Attraction Marketing Method Conclusion

If you can follow this step, you will begin to reap the benefits that all top earners enjoy thanks to our ‘7-Step Attraction Marketing Method’…

A quick re-cap of the big takeaways you need to execute ASAP so you can grow and scale your business FAST with Attraction Marketing…

The faster you can can figure out the above for your specific business, the faster you will be making money.

This isn’t rocket science… you can do this!

Our students, members and clients follow this exact ‘Attraction Marketing Method‘ that you now possess… and it works.

I encourage you to adopt these 2 core values because they will change your world.

We hope you enjoyed this ‘Attraction Marketing’ blog post, and that it gave you a solid understanding of the ‘secret’ marketing strategy of every single top earner you see online.

It will change your life, if you let it!

Keep Growing, Keep Getting Better and Better, and Remember YOU ARE THE ONE!

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