Essential Tools For New School Networkers

Welcome to the New School Networkers Resources Page, which contains a list of the best tools and websites we recommend for building and optimizing your business.

I have tested and used EVERY resource on this page.  Many of them are absolutely VITAL to the success of my business and will have HUGE impacts on yours as well. You will notice something important from reading this post: I have tried A LOT of different software products.

When running a blog, the hardest part sometimes can be finding safe and reliable software you can count on. Many of them have failed me at bad times.

That’s why my team and I love what we use and think you will find this page very helpful in creating, growing your network marketing business!

Full Disclosure*** The content on this page does contain affiliate links, meaning I do get some percentage of the product purchased but at no additional cost to you.  I do this to help finance the free content that I publish on my website, so I appreciate your support. Please know that I ONLY recommend products that I have USED and can stand behind 100% on effectiveness.

If you’re not comfortable with purchasing through my affiliate link, simply open a new tab and go to the URL directly without my affiliate ID. I hope you enjoy finding out the tools I use to run my online business ๐Ÿ™‚

Just like what Abraham Lincoln had said,

“Give Me 6 Hours To Chop Down A Tree and I’ll Spend The First 4 Sharpening The Axe”

​It is very crucial to have the right tools for you to achieve success more efficiently. I hope my list of tools here can give you some inspirations or even help you directly for your affiliate marketing business.

Running On A Tight Budget?

I’m aware that many of you are running on a really tight budget especially at the beginning stage of your business. I was in that situation before as well. I know the pain and difficulties.

As much as possible, I try to use tools that are free. However, sometimes investments are inevitable if you’re really serious at making money.

My recommendation will be focusing on minimal budget and I’ll document all my expenditures so that you can have a sense of my online business costs.

I’m sure that’s what you are looking for, right? Let’s get started…

Essential Tools: Getting Started with New School Networker

The 4 main things you need to get started as a New School Networker are:

Why PlanetHoster?

Well, they are CHEAP! You can start a blog for Free with limited number of hosting storage then later you can buy package according with your requirements. AND you get a FREE domain name when you sign up for 12 months!  This is so important at the beginning before you are making money to cover your expenses.

OFFER: You can get 10% when you sign up now (using my discount link!)

They are also incredibly easy to use, and they offer a complete guarantee on their hosting packages. What impressed me most is that, they take care of their clients security like no one else, but also offer SSL certificates for all your hosted sites for FREE. If you sign up for 12 months or more (best pricing option) and decide that it’s not right for you, they will refund any portion of it that you have not used.  There really is no risk.

Let me also just say that I didn’t initially start out with PlanetHoster.  My transition happened when I had an issue with another popular hosting company, Bluehost.  Basically, I had an unexpected influx of traffic from Pinterest, and my entire website shut down.

This cost me a TON of money in forgone sales, and I vowed that it would NEVER happen again.  I got on the Livechat with PlanetHoster, and their awesome customer service team took care of everything for us!  They are available by phone 24/7, and they take care of whatever issues you throw at them!

I have used all the major hosts up to this point: Go Daddy, Siteground, Hostgator, WPengine, and without a doubt the best is PlanetHoster. It’s got one-click WordPress installation and is what we use to host our websites.

Not only me, you can also hear what other customers say about this hosting company here.


Lead Gen, Training & Community

Get Started Now

As a beginner, you definitely need proper guidance and training in order to succeed and make money online.

Braiweb is the ​platform that will teach you everything from scratch when you get started looking for ways to build your Network Marketing Business Online.

There are 4 main things you can benefit from Braiweb:

  1. ​Thorough Step-by-step Training
  2. Useful Online Marketing Tools for Facebook Marketing, Bulk SMS, Email Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Social Poster and etc.
  3. Technical Support from Braiweb Support Team as well as the Co-Founders directly.
  4. Help & Support from the entire Community with thousands of helpful and friendly New School Networkers and entrepreneurs

Now, it’s my turn to recommend this powerful place with you to help you start your journey.


1 Email Service Provider for a Blog

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Email Service Provider is a tool for you to build an Email list and market your products in the form of Email Marketing.

There are many ESP in the market, with AWeber being one of the most common and popular one.

For me, I recommend: ConvertKit.

Let me explain why…

I have tried (in this order): MailChimp, Aweber, Get Response, Active Campaign, and more…

For bloggers, ConvertKit is the best option, in my opinion.  It’s easy to use, has tons of automation capabilities, and is great for bloggers. One of its best tools is the ability to re-send emails to people who have not opened yet. This raises the click and conversion rate for every email you send!

My favorite feature by far is the ability to edit ALL of the emails in your sequence simultaneously (in one screen), without having to go back and edit each email individually. This has saved me SO much time, before organized team of developers to build our email marketing software for our team members.

It’s the preferred method I used to email our 40,000+ email subscribers, and I have written an entire review on it:


1 For Email Collection For Your Blog

Get Started Now

The money is in your list.

The majority of the sales from my blog come from the emails I send and NOT one the blog itself. This is not the case all of the time, but it is for most businesses.

This is why email is so damn important.

It’s how you build trust with your audience, drive traffic to individual posts, grow a fan base, and sell products.

And ClickFunnels is the ultimate list building resource for your blog.  It’s got incredibly easy drag and drop software, and you can add your own domain name to the pages that you create.

Powerful and effective, Clickfunnels is the best way out there to build sales pages, take payments, and perform seamless upsells on your blog.

While their customer service can be lacking at times, it is still the best sales page builder I have ever used, and you can also create email opt-ins with it as well.

We have done an entire in-depth review on Clickfunnels and it is our number one recommendation for building your own sales pages and selling products.

I use it to collect leads for all of my free courses and absolutely LOVE IT!


Online Marketing Forums

Get Started Now

Relevant online forums are good places to hang out with like-minded people in the same niche.

​What’s more important to you is that you can utilize these forums to promote your website and grow your business.

There are certain strategies though. If you blatantly promote your website without following the rules of the forum, you’ll be considered as spam and will most likely be banned.​

Follow this guide if you want to learn more about Forum Marketing.​

Anyway,​ the following 2 forums are great places to hang out as a blogger or affiliate marketer:

  1. ​Warrior Forum
  2. Digital Point Forum

Canva is a FREE & paid graphic design tool which allows you to create your own graphics for your website.

For your information, I create almost all the graphics in this website using Canva. I use it for my social media posts as well.

It’s a really easy-to-use and powerful graphic design tool that every blogger, marketer and website owner should be using.​


Get Started Now

Piktochart is a tool that allows you to create good-looking infographics for your website content without the need to hire professional graphic designers.

It has been proven that having infographics​ allow your content to be more easily shared. It’s a good way to boost your social sharing and make certain contents go viral.

The Free Version is enough for basic usage​. You can upgrade your plans if you need more templates.

WP Themes

Beginner-Friendly WordPress Themes

Get Started Now

We have a few recommendations here:

Divi Theme

Divi Theme is incredibly customizable and very user-friendly. It’s our #1 recommendation and what most of my new bloggers in my Launch Your Blog Course are using. You can easily customize the design of your homepage and other pages on your website and they have great customer service.

They also have a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee so there is absolutely no risk to try it!

When you purchase Divi, you also get access to the entire Elegant Themes market, which includes over 70 other themes to choose from if you don’t end up loving Divi. This theme is quickly becoming the #1 new theme on the market for newbie bloggers!

 Avada Theme

Avada Theme is what we personally used for the first couple of months on my blog. At the time that we used it, it had fewer customizations than it did today, and that was why we ultimately made the switch to X Theme. That being said, it has since been updated and is now

While it’s a little bit cheaper than Divi Theme, it’s just a tad bit less beginner-friendly than Divi. It’s still a GREAT theme though and is my #2 recommendation in my Launch Your Blog Course.

X Theme

X Theme used to be my #1 recommendation, but they have recently made some updates to the software that have made it a little less beginner-friendly than the other two.  It’s still a really great theme, but there is a slightly bigger learning curve with this theme that you should be aware of.

*Note: I now use the Genesis Framework on my blogs, BUT that is only because I waited a year and a half to upgrade until I had the income to pay a website designer to custom code my website. Genesis Framework is one of the fastest themes on the market, but it’s not very user-friendly. I recommend new bloggers start with Divi Theme and then eventually transition into Genesis Framework after you are making some income with your blog.

Fiverr is a freelancing platform for marketers and online entrepreneurs like you to outsource technical works to the gurus and get it done in an cost-effective way.

Most of the basic services offered on Fiverr are charged at $5. That’s why it’s called “Fiverr”. But there are also custom services and add-ons available at custom prices depending on the seller.​

As a blogger or affiliate marketer, you can outsource stuffs like logo designprogrammingweb designcontent creation, etc.

I’ve personally outsourced logo design and content creation before to the gurus on Fiverr. From my experience, you can really get what you want because the platform allows you to communicate with the gurus easily.


Please stay away from gurus offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services like backlinks and PageRank because you never know whether they are using blackhat SEO or not. Blackhat SEO strategies can hurt your site really badly.

This is just a warning from me. You can get all freelancing services except SEO services!​


Google Search Console

Get Started Now

Google Search Console, previously known as Google Webmaster Tool, is a platform that helps Google to understand your website.

Google needs to understand your website first before they can index and rank your pages at the suitable places and rankings.​

Some of the things you can do in Search Console include requesting Google to crawl (look at)​ your site, check for errors on your site, submit a Sitemap for Google to index your site more easily, etc.

So, if you are not using Google Search Console, it’s definitely a lot harder for Google to understand your site and give your site a decent attention​.

Basically, Google Analytics is a tool for YOU to understand your audiencewhile Google Search Console is a tool for Google to understand your website.​


Hosting eCourses

Get Started Now

Teachable is what I used to host all of my courses before Braiweb, and I can’t speak highly enough of them!

I previously used Clickfunnels, which I still use to host our eBooks and programs on our health and wellness website, Healthiness, but they are not ideal for eCourses. I had problems with people being able to repeatedly login to access courses and membership programs.

The sales page builder on Teachable is not as advanced as Clickfunnels, but the course builder is awesome and makes it 100% worth it. Your courses will look completely professional and will make your customers more satisfied with their purchases.

Google AdSense

Get Started Now

Google AdSense is a way for website owners to make an extra source of passive income online by putting Google advertisements on your website.

If you’ve heard people saying they can earn money by simply allowing people to click on the Ads on their website, Google AdSense is the tool for that.​

However, the amount you can earn is very small if you don’t have a huge traffic because you’re only paid a few cents (maybe up to a dollar) for each click. For those websites with tons of traffic, AdSense can be a huge income for their owners.

Before you start putting Ads on your website, it needs to be approved by Google first. They will only approve you if your website has a decent amount of content and they deem it as valuable.

It can be quite troublesome and challenging when you first apply for it though. If you’re just starting out, work on the foundation and the content of your site first before looking into AdSense.


 Pin Scheduler for Pinterest

Get Started Now

Automate your Pinterest traffic with Tailwind, which allows you to schedule out all of your Pinterest pins ahead of time. It saves you TONS of time by allowing you to plan out how you want to schedule your posts, including what time, how often, to what Pinterest boards, etc.

It also gives you access to all kinds of analytics on how your profile and pins are performing across Pinterest:

tailwind analytics dashboard

Tailwind App is the ONLY approved API partner by Pinterest for scheduling pins.


Free Stock Images

Get Started Now

When you’re building your site, you’ll definitely need some photos along the way to make your content more visually appealing.

However, many photos online are actually copyrighted and you need to pay in order to use them. These are called “Royalty Free Images”.​

​I’m sure those of you with tight budgets wouldn’t want to pay a lot of money just to get the rights to use the images. That’s when “Free Stock Images” comes in.

Following are 3 websites for you to download Free Stock Images without any copyright issues:

  1. ​

Make sure to bookmark these websites so that you know where to go next time when you need some free and good-looking images.

Other “Royalty Free Images” Sites For Your Reference:

  1. StockPhotoSecrets Shop
  2. Shutterstock
  3. iStock
  4. Adobe Stock
  5. depositphotos
  6. gettyimages

(Take note of the differences between “Royalty Free Images” and “Free Stock Images”. Basically, Royalty Free Images are paid and Free Stock Images are absolutely FREE for download.)

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