How to STOP Getting Crap From Negative Friends and Family

Written by on April 5, 2018

Do you have negative relatives who are looking down at what you do?

How about friends who snicker behind your back (or maybe even in your face) about your business?

If you’ve been in network marketing for any period of time, then I’m sure you’ve already got flak from people in your life.

Some make off the cuff remarks about your business.

Others take little jabs here and there.

And then there are a few who really get in your face and flat out put you down anytime they can.

“So how’s that business of yours going, ha, still doin’ that pyramid thing?… Didja make your Million yet? HA HA HA!”

Burns doesn’t it.

And it’s especially painful when you’re not doing all that great just yet.

Getting kicked when you’re already down has to be the worst.

I know, I’ve been there.

And got into some really heated arguments back in the day.

Never really understanding why some people get off on putting others down.

Of course eventually I learned it’s because they’re insecure, and the thought of you becoming potentially successful scares the s#.t out of them.

So they have some psychological need to drag you down and keep you down with them.

And the best way I’ve learned to deal with that is to simply ignore them, NOT talk about my business and what I do at all, and simply get results.

As in… bring home the bacon.

So when I started to make some cash, and winning a few trips, suddenly, nobody could say anything anymore.

Oh they tried.

But it’s kinda hard to make fun of someone who’s going on exotic all expense paid trips and doesn’t have to punch a clock anymore.

The comments went from critical smirks like – “Are you still doing that thang?”

To somewhat amazed remarks – “You’re really doing this and it looks like its working for you.”

The thing I realized is I DO NOT need anyone’s approval in life.

And neither do you.

Go make some dough, do the things you enjoy in your life, and watch all the put downs and the negativity disappear.

Of course I will warn you, what’s going to happen is some of these same people will say…

“Wow, you don’t really work much.”

“I always knew you could do something like this.”

Or my all time favorite…

“You know, you’re pretty lucky to be able to do this.”

Yep, exactly, it was all LUCK.

Ok, enough rant for today.


Get results in your business.


Start making some serious dough RIGHT NOW.

Then stuff your success in their face!

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