The New Network And Affiliate Marketing Disruption Launches On July…

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Over the past ten years I’ve watched with amazement at the changes taking place in our world…

We are living through an unprecedented level of exponential invention, innovation, and disruption that has never been seen before.

Today, opportunity is everywhere, for almost everyone…

Thanks to AirBnB, every homeowner can become a hotel owner.

Thanks to Upwork, anyone with technical skills can become a self-employed developer.

And thanks to Etsy, artists and craft-makers can turn their passions into a business.

But in order to build a successful business, you need two things…

First, you need mentorship. You need a real education from real entrepreneurs who’ve already done it. And second, you need to acquire the skills that will allow you to take action on your idea and get results.

The good news is that getting access to information and knowledge today is easier than ever.

In fact, part of the disruption we’ve seen in the past ten years has been in the education space.

“E-learning” became a thing in 1995 when Lynda Weinman created and started posting video classes on website design.

Last year, Lynda was purchased by LinkedIn for $1.5 Billion.

In 2009, photographer Chase Jarvis started CreativeLive to offer classes to freelance photographers and artists. Today they have over 10 million students.

And in 2010, Malcolm Ong launched SkillShare, giving anyone who wanted to teach a class, the ability to do so. Today they have over 16,000 lessons available.

Clearly there’s a massive market for online education, and yet there isn’t a single dedicated learning platform that exists for entrepreneurs.

We are all one decision away from starting a business, so where are the schools? Where are the classes? Where are the mentors?

Yes, you can get a fantastic education from any number of 100+ leaders and influencers when it comes to entrepreneurship, but they all live within their own self-contained bubbles of personality, products, and expertise.

Sites like or have become worthless.

The only thing they produce today are clickbait articles. They provide entertainment, not an education.

The more I looked, the more I realized that a world-class education platform for entrepreneurs and personal development simply doesn’t exist.

Or at least it didn’t, until now…

What Lynda has been to the corporate workforce, the new will be to the network marketing entrepreneur.

We’ve spent the past 4 months and over $1500 to create a brand new way to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to change your life, and the world…

On July, you’ll be invited to be among the first to experience it.

Stay tuned…

The evolution begins this July…


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