The Simple Facebook Ads Strategy That Converts

Written by on June 3, 2018

3 Part Facebook Ad Strategy

Hey everyone, Lusabara here!

In today post, you’re going to discover a simple 3 part Facebook ad strategy that converts leads and sales from your Facebook ads, so that you can have a good framework to work from when you’re putting together your ad campaigns. This will give you a starting point that will allow you to be successful A LOT faster with the campaigns that you’re putting together.

Part 1: Set Up Ads To Cold Traffic

The first part to this 3 part simple Facebook strategy that converts, is to set up ads that are going out to cold traffic. Now, cold traffic is people who, more than likely, or in a lot of cases, very likely, have never seen your product or service. Much less know what it does for them. What you have to do with these particular types of ads is you have to demonstrate to your ideal customer how your product works and how it’s going to solve some kind of problem in their life or give them some kind of benefit that they want.

That’s what ultimately gets people to buy.

We put these ads out there to audiences based on the research that we’ve done into our ideal customer to find out what Facebook pages they’re hanging out on. We then put our ads out there based on our research to demonstrate to these people how our product will do what they’re looking for.

Let me give you an example.

We have a product for one of our customers that’s a teeth whitening product. People want to get whiter teeth so that they can feel more confident about themselves. We put our cold traffic ads out there demonstrating to people how this teeth whitening product works. We actually have videos where people will brush their teeth with the teeth whitening product to show how it works, and we demonstrate how it actually will whiten their teeth.

This is what gets cold traffic to convert.

You set up your ad to demonstrate, educate, and inform the customer of how your product works, how it solves those problems or fulfills the desires that they’re looking for. Then give them a call-to-action to go buy the product.

If you do that in your cold traffic ads and use that as the top of your marketing funnel strategy in the first part of it, then you’re on your way to a successful Facebook ad campaign.

People message me all the time wanting to know what to look at when they’re managing their Facebook ad campaigns. Now in this post and the video above, you’re going to discover a way that you can look at your ad campaigns, but the problem with that particular situation is it really varies depending on your business model that you’re using along with the stage that your campaign is in.

For the purpose of this blog post and the video, what I’m going to do is I’m going to assume that your business model is doing some form of lead generation and that you are just beginning a brand new campaign, and you have tested nothing, you have no proof of concept. That’s where most people are starting from. We’ll go ahead and show you exactly what to look for when you’re starting a campaign where you’re doing lead generation, and you’re just starting that right out, so that you know the metrics to look for in order to create a campaign that’s going to be successful for you and your business.

Part 2: Set Up Ads To Warm Traffic

The second part of a Facebook ad strategy that converts is to have warm traffic ads that are part of your process.

Warm traffic is simply audiences of people that have already had some kind of interaction with you. They’re aware of your product. Maybe they visited your website. Maybe they’ve opted into your email list. Maybe they’ve been on your fan page or they’ve interacted with one of your ads in the past, like watching a video or clicking on something.

Fun Fact: you can actually track all of that stuff, and you can create audiences inside of Facebook based on people who’ve done these actions.

In a warm traffic ad, what you’re trying to do is accomplish a few different things.

First things first, you want to reengage with people. Studies show that over 80% of sales are made after the seventh touch. If you only have cold traffic as part of your advertising strategy, then you’re going to miss out on a bunch of the additional touches that you can get, and you’re going to thus miss out on a whole bunch of your sales, 80% of them, as a matter of fact.

With warm traffic, what you’re doing is, again, you’re reengaging with people.

Now, what you want to do in those particular ads is you want to overcome the objectionsthat people have to buying your product or service. If they’ve already interacted with you in some way, shape, or form, and they haven’t taken you up on your offer, there has to be some kind of reason why they’re doing that, and that always boils down to objections. You have to find out what those objections people have to buying your product.

In warm traffic ads, you want to focus your copy around overcoming those objections, and then giving people another call-to-action to come into your marketing funnel and become a lead to purchase your product or service from you.

Part 3: Consistent Email Follow Up

Part 3 of a Facebook ad strategy that converts is having consistent email follow up.

Now, you should have the email follow up to begin with, so if you are in a business model right now or you’re just simply not doing email followup, I would HIGHLY recommend that you add that into your process.

Here’s why:

Across the board with all of our clients whether it’s an e-comm client, it’s an information product client, a coaching and consulting client, whatever business model they’re in, every single one of them that is doing some type of lead generation is doing email followup, and we can consistently see 30% of the sales that we have come from the email followup.

It all comes back to the studies that show that most people, 80% of them, need at least seven touches before they’re ever going to buy a product or service from you.

If you’re only working with part 1 of cold traffic and part 2, warm traffic, you’re completely just spending money on ads in those areas, and you’re not giving yourself the opportunity to follow up with people, you’re making a mistake.

When you do a lead gen, you’ve spent money, you’ve built that lead, you can keep remarketing to those email contacts at no additional add expense for you. When you add that extra followup bit and you get those additional sales, what it does is, over time, it will make your campaigns way more profitable.

For Example:

We oftentimes have ad campaigns with our clients where we’ll spend a thousand, 2,000, maybe $3,000 on ads generating leads before we really start to see the followup system from the emails kicking in because if you create an email sequence that is a week long or two weeks long, you have to keep pumping people into the front end of that. People are always going to be at different stages, so you might have a bunch of people that are still at email 1. They haven’t got all seven or 14 or 21 of your emails that you have in your followup.

You have to give it time for that automated follow up stuff to really kick in and start producing sales.

That can literally take a campaign from being unprofitable to being profitable.

Now, on top of just having some of those automatic emails that go out or autoresponders, which many of the gurus talk about, you need to have consistent daily followup via email. That may seem like a daunting task, but you can very easily get it in the group of doing that yourself if you are at low revenues in your business, or you can outsource and hire somebody that is a professional to provide that for you.

The results of consistent follow up emails?

When you have those daily consistent emails, you’re going to see conversions over time. Some of your leads that come in today may not buy from you for 6 months, 9 months, 12 months. The longer that you stay in business, and if your goal with your business is to have something long term, then it benefits you greatly to generate leads and then consistently follow up, so that you can make your campaigns more and more profitable over time.

This will help you be successful long term.


If you deploy those 3 parts of a strategy, that is what every single 1 of all of our customers that have ever been profitable, and we have customers that make 3 million dollars a month.

How do they do that?

EVERY SINGLE ONE of them deploys all 3 components of this strategy, bar none, and they consistently execute on it.

That’s what produces results.

That’s what produces results long term with Facebook ad campaigns.

I look forward to seeing your success.

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