The Ultimate Guide To Rocking Team Duplication

Written by on October 15, 2018

If you want to know the #1 Action Step to implement Immediately with your New Teammates in your Network Marketing business to create Massive Duplication, this blog post and resource is totally for YOU!

First things first, I’m going to share with you:

The #1 thing your New Teammate wants more than anything else

How to conduct a Getting Started Right training with your new Teammate immediately after they sign up

How to help your new Teammate get PAID within their first 24 hours of joining your team

How to build in-depth in your Team

How to increase your Retention (this is the amount of people with renewed auto-ships) and how it contributes to your Residual Check each month.

The #1 Thing Your New Teammate Wants More Than Anything Else

When you sign up a new Rep, the #1 thing on your New Teammate’s mind is “How do I make my money back?”

Even if they tell you their goal is to make $10,000/ month or retire their spouse, their first goal is really to recoup their initial investment.

As a leader, its important to understand this.

Plus, if you want to create massive momentum in your team; help your New Teammate recoup their money back in their first 24-48 hours

There’s lots of Network Marketing companies that have a Getting Started Right type training, but I want to share with you a couple tips that we do with our Team that can make that happen as Fast As Possible!

By doing this, your new Teammate’s belief skyrockets! And when their belief increases and they go out to share the opportunity or products, they have more excitement and its easier for them to share with others what they have.

The real bonus to helping them recoup their investment back fast is it adds so much value to their Story.

They then have the ability to go prospect and tell people “Hey guess what?! I got started and was able to make my money back in the first 48 hours! There’s no risk, we’re having fun, we’re enjoying free product, etc…”

As a leader, you want to help them achieve this to help build up their Story.

What’s The Next Step

I go more in-depth inside this week’s FREE download: The Ultimate Guide To Rocking Team Duplication, but within 24-48 hours of your new Teammate enrolling, you want to a scheduled Game Plan session with them. Part of what this does is it helps to find out their goals and what they want to get out of the opportunity.

I ask them specifically,

“Imagine you’re on the beach sipping Margaritas. Who are the Top 5-10 people you’d want there with you by your side enjoying the sunset with your toes in the sand?”

This gets them thinking about the people that are closest to them.

I know, I know…. you’re thinking…. ‘But Lusabara, I only want the strategies to talk to COLD market people…. my warm market hates me’ LOL

Whether that’s really true or not, your warm market is the fastest way to creating a STORY. Not to RICHES, just to a STORY.

And that STORY leads to RICHES!

Next, you want to help them with a strategy on how to expose those Top 5-10 people to the opportunity or products.

Check out this week’s FREE guide for how I do this.

How to increase Your Residual Check Each Month

After you’ve helped your new Teammate get started and they start to recruit new Teammates, you want to attach yourself to their first signup and follow the same steps as before. Put them through the training and schedule the Game Plan session with them. You want to work in-depth with that person. This will begin your team’s duplication and we call this “Building In-Depth.”

The faster you can build this Momentum and create Team Duplication, the more solid your Team is.

And that’s how you also increase Retention.

By solely focusing on your next sale and your next sign up, you’ll lose the momentum within your team. And I know that you don’t just want another sales job… instead, you want to leverage the opportunity of Network Marketing.

At the very least, you want to focus your efforts on building in-depth, help your team recoup their Initial Investment, and help them get free product or free memberships every month.

This is where the magic happens in your business.

Be The Leader For Your Team

As a Leader within your team, help more people recoup their investment and then help them get free products and work with each person one-by-one in-depth and do that.

The Ultimate Guide To Rocking Team Duplication will go over the exact steps that I walk through with my new teammates.

In addition to The Ultimate Guide To Rocking Team Duplication, I love Eric Worre’s book Go Pro. I encourage you to give this to your new Teammates. Its a great book to help new recruits learn the skills for success in Network Marketing. I also love Mark Yarnell – Your First Year In Network Marketing book. That book helped me a lot when I was new to the Industry.

I hope you found value in this and the FREE resource that we’re giving away this week.

But really, it’s all about understanding our role as a leader… help more people recoup their investment and help build their belief.

You WILL see a huge difference inside your Team duplication.

Join the Conversation Rock Star…

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