Today’s Money Vs Tomorrow’s Money: What’s Your Choice?

Written by on October 10, 2018

If you’re getting frustrated because you aren’t making money, or getting customers for your products or services in your own business right now… then you’re probably focused on the wrong type of activities on a daily basis…

There are TWO (2) income types you need to master as a network marketer building a business online…

There is:

  1. Today Money (Which pays you NOW)
  2. Tomorrow Money (Which pays you in the future)

These two income types are totally different…

Let’s take a look at each type…

Today Money

Most people need money now (Today Money) to be able to get out of their day job, live life they want to, and to be able to pay the bills…

Everybody needs today money coming in from somewhere… and that’s why you might be working your DAY JOB in addition to building up your home-based business on the side.

Your day job is your “today money”… and your home-based business is your “tomorrow money” in this example…

In order to transition from your day job to being a full time entrepreneur, you need to make your entrepreneurial income become your “today money”!

To do that, you need to get in the trenches TODAY and take action…

You need to actually be doing income producing activities every single day.

Creating plans, different strategies, connecting with prospects, getting engagement on your plans, communicating with serious prospects and closing prospects into team members…

And in reality… the ONLY thing that is going to pay you TODAY is getting investor(s) investing into your business or selling one of your products or services today!

Let’s say you got 10 investors investing in your own business this month… you might make an extra $1,000. Repeat that for a few months and you might feel confident to cut back on a few hours at work so you can focus on working on your business idea further.

Tomorrow Money…

“Tomorrow money” activities are different to “today money” activities and aren’t going to pay you today… and you need to be aware of that.

If you wanted to write a book for example… you’d sit down every day for 90 days and write for TWO (2) hours. You’d know you weren’t going to make money today from an incomplete book…

However, you’d sacrifice your today money so you could focus on your tomorrow money activity of writing that book, knowing that when you launch the book in 3-6 months time you could potentially make hundreds of thousands of dollars and impact a lot of people.

If you wrote a entrepreneurship related book, then you’d know that while you weren’t focused on actively getting investors today, that when your book was launched, you’d potentially have thousands of people asking you to help them, which they could then invest in your business all in one go.

And make a lot of money FAST.

In the world of online entrepreneurship… your tomorrow money activities involve setting up systems, automation, creating sales funnels, writing emails, autoresponders, creating info products, and building attraction marketing systems…

They take time to create and build and you aren’t going to earn money from them today…

However your systems will help you earn more money in the future… and they create a lot of LEVERAGE…

Once your systems are set up, they work on autopilot for you… which then frees up your time to focus on “today money” activities or more “tomorrow money” activities…

Which Work Are You Doing Now?

You need to know which type of work you are doing on a daily basis… and ideally it needs to be a conscious decision.

If you are desperate for money NOW… then you need to join my team and get in the trenches. You need to be generating leads, and working those leads and getting sales and sign ups NOW.

That will get you your today money.

However, if you have a full time day job and you are fairly comfortable… then personally I’d focus more on “tomorrow money” activities because you may not need the extra money right now…

Create your systems.. set up your capture page, build your attraction marketing system, set up your blog… etc, etc.

Just know which type of activity you are doing each day…

The problem comes when people join a businesses or a system with the wrong expectation. They think they will get paid instantly and will make money now. However they just do the WRONG activities time and time again and expect different results…

Knowing this will help you dramatically…

Get to Know My Mission

Your Turn

I’d love to get your thoughts on this… did you know this? Were you aware of it? or were you doing what most people do and beating yourself up for not making money now… when in reality you were focused on “tomorrow money” activities…

Let me know in the comments below…

It’s your time to shine and step up to become a SMARTER network marketer…

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