Use These Simple 7 Step Method of Attraction Marketing to DOMINATE Your Industry

Written by on May 8, 2018

If you are building an online business, you may have come across the term ‘Attraction Marketing.’ This article explains exactly what Attraction Marketing is, why it is vital to your online success, and how you can implement a Simple ‘7-Step Attraction Marketing Method’ into your business to attract more buyers, customers, and clients FAST!

What can happen if you apply this formula to your business…

Imagine having people reaching out to YOU every day asking YOU about YOUR business, products, and services?!

Imagine having your Facebook inbox flooded with hungry prospects who initiate conversation with you, and are excited to learn more about YOUR opportunity?!

One of the biggest benefits you will experience when you apply ‘Attraction Marketing’ to your business is you will be able to…

Say good-bye to convincing, chasing, or begging… No more cold calling, buying leads, or getting rejected

The 2 biggest reasons why 90% of business fail within their first year:  the business has run out of leads… money… or both.

This blog post contains the cure, and is the antidote for what crushes most entrepreneurial dreams (lack of leads, and lack of cashflow).

YES, this blog post is going to make some people very angry, and it’s going to ruffle some feathers…

But we don’t care – we didn’t make this blog post for them – we made it for YOU  (we’re on YOUR side).

We’re sick and tired of entrepreneurs being told to do things that simply do not work.

We are going to explain exactly how you can easily embrace ‘Attraction Marketing’ in YOUR business TODAY to finally get the results you desire.

If the above benefits sound good to you, and you want to learn how every single top earner is marketing their business online and making a fortune, let’s dive into this 7-Step Attraction Marketing Method together…

NOTE: we chose the network marketing industry to use as an example for illustration purposes in this blog post. However, these timeless Attraction Marketing principles work for ANY business in ANY niche. Whether you want to get more coaching clients, get more speaking gigs, or get more customers & buyers for ANY business, the following 7-Step Attraction Marketing Method is the best way to build a stable, successful, long term business in ANY industry.

STEP 1 – Brand YOU… YOU are the ONE!

The fundamental first step to Attraction Marketing is you must BRAND YOU!

You must Brand YOU, NOT your company. People join people, NOT companies… and they are looking for leadership. Therefore, you must Brand YOU! Step up, become the Leader, YOU are the ONE!

You Are The One!

The only unique thing about you, is YOU!  It’s NOT your product, service, or offer(chances are there are thousands of marketers trying to sell the same product as you!)… branding YOU is how you stand out from the crowd

The only way to become ‘recession-proof’ and create ultimate financial security in your business is to BRAND YOU.

Regardless of what any body or any company tells you, YOU must Brand YOU… NOT your network marketing company.

There are 3 big reasons why you want to BRAND YOU, and NOT your MLM company…

  1. People buy products from and join PEOPLE, NOT companies.People buy from and do business with people they know, like, and trust. They join PEOPLE. If you can become the leader in your prospect’s eyes, and they feel you can get them where they want to go… they will join you. Now that you know people join people and NOT companies, stop marketing your company up front.
  2. Companies come and go, but YOU are here to stay.ALL businesses, especially network marketing companies, come and go all the time. 90% of businesses don’t survive the first year in ANY industry. And we’ve seen all too many horror stories of MLM companies changing their compensation plans overnight, which leaves entrepreneurs like you and me with zero income for our families. Build your business on concrete, not quicksand… Brand YOU.
  3. Branding the company will guarantee you LOSE customers.If you are branding your network marketing company all over Facebook, Instagram, and social media, there will be a percentage of your prospects that ‘google’ the company before you connect with them… And chances are they will find another leader to work with or some silly article telling them to NOT join your company. It is guaranteed that you will lose customers and business if you brand your network marketing company up front.

And ‘Branding YOU’ has NOTHING to do with how much money you are making, or have made. In fact, ironically, branding YOU has nothing to do with you at all really… it’s about THEM… it’s about the people you’re going to serve…

Don’t stress about having to put together an impressive resume to attract buyers for your business… nobody cares about that.

Your prospect cares about ONE thing: what’s in it for them.

Branding Quote from Seth Godin

As you will see in Step 4 below your audience wants answers to their questions, solutions to their problems, and pain-killers for their pain… so don’t worry if you’re brand new or haven’t made any money before.

Attraction Marketing is NOT ‘fake it til you make it,’ or pretending you’re something you’re not, or lying about how much money you’ve made

Attraction Marketing is about getting good at something your target audience wants, and then It’s about SERVING & IMPACTING your audience with consistent VALUE.

And check this out… this is why VALUE is so important as you Build & Brand YOU…


Once you grasp the concept of Attraction Marketing and why you need to BRAND YOU, you understand why most marketers & business owners fail and stay broke!

It’s not even your fault if you’re struggling to grow your business right now!  You have been mis-lead by somebody who knows nothing about marketing, sales, and building a business…

Let’s stick with the network marketing example…

Chances are, if you are in a network marketing company… you are trying to build your business the way THEY, (the mlm company owners), want you to build it…

Cold calling, home parties, hotel meetings, friends and family, bandit signs, approaching strangers at the mall, etc etc…

And for 99% of people… THESE STRATEGIES DO NOT WORK… AND WILL NEVER WORK!  And NOBODY likes doing them!

If you like inviting strangers over to your house at night to present a business opportunity… and you are good with starting up conversations with strangers in the grocery line.. and you like doing that kinda thing… great. Keep doing that if it’s making you money.

But we know from decades of experience that many people would rather jump off a cliff than do any of these activities.

So even if YOU are good at these things, and you personally recruit a few people into your organization… the people you bring into your business will NOT succeed with this blueprint…

And if you can’t get your team to succeed because you are forcing them to do things they don’t want to do… you will never create your dream lifestyle.

Now you may be thinking, “Ok Great! This Attraction Marketing / Brand YOU approach makes sense… I now understand why I should brand ME… But HOW do I brand myself and attract customers and buyers to me especially if I’m brand new or haven’t made any money yet?”

We address this (and more) in step 2…

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