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A Little Bit About Me

I always love the “About Me” page on websites… they’re such a joy to read, especially when it’s written as if it were in the third person. So in the interest of keeping it real, I’ll skip all the nonsensical third party stuff.


Hi, My name is Lusabara Essau, but my close friends used to call me Geek 😉


My specialty (and joy) is in launching, growing and scaling successful businesses, which I’ve done a few times now. There’s nothing quite like seeing your ideas come into fruition and making a positive impact in people’s lives in the process.


And what I’m most proud of is that I’ve had the privilege and opportunity to coach many dozens of amazing entrepreneurs and help them build their dream businesses. And, this is because…


I Believe!

I’ve always believed our highest purpose, as human beings, is the act of creating. We entrepreneurs, our calling to bring forth valuable creations to solve problems, fulfill desires and make people’s lives better.”

In fact, maybe that’s the reason you’re reading this right now…


Perhaps you’re starting a new business or looking to grow an existing business and wondering if I’m the real deal and if it’s worth it to pay attention to me.


I think that’s a fair question. And that’s why even though this is my “about me” page…. this is actually more about YOU.



I got start my small business back in July 2007. By the time I was a first year college student and I knew that I wanted to work for myself. So I started exploring all kinds of different business opportunities, but no matter what I did, I always ran into the same problem… It’s that dream of working for myself which created an environment to meet my first mentor Alphonse Chilato in 2009. I would say, who is this guy and I want to like him.


As a fresher from school, I was running a small business but due to various things I had to shut it down and searched to find a new business. Then I decided to join his business because I was familiar by then that, he was the real deal and I liked the simplistic style he had building up his business.


But when I started I was just like every other beginner. I had no confidence, zero experience and had no clue to what I was doing.


You know, in order to make money, you had to eventually sell something to someone, which is obviously the definition of a business.

WARNING: If You’re Offended by MLM

This story may not be for you. This story isn’t censored on purpose, because again, I'm just trying to be real. No candy coating here.

As you know, in order to make money, you had to eventually sell something to someone, which is obviously the definition of a business.


But I hated selling. I was horrible at it. … And still I am 🙂


I was super shy and very introverted, and the thought of talking to a prospect in person, or over the phone petrified me.


I thought they would judge me. I thought they would reject me, or that I was being a nuisance and they’d get mad at me.


The first six months were a miserable failure. I’d go to hotel meetings, post fliers on phone polls, cold call lead lists, and drop “sizzle cards” in mall parking lots. Anything and everything that might work. In doing so…


I literally lost millions in phone calls, the so-called marketing books, expensive courses and other marketing expenses. Don’t get me wrong, I did make some money from my small business and eventually got broke. I was losing more money than I was making. It really sucked.


I felt like a dog who was trying to chase its own tail.

If you have been there, you know what I mean… You know you’re busy doing a lot of work but somehow you don’t manage to move anywhere.


So I decided to quit the industry. One major mistake in my life 🙁


I got out, and was fed up of it and went back to start boutique business and later supplying timbers, just because I thought it was easier…


But it wasn’t.


It just didn’t come natural to me. I wasn’t enjoying it, I struggled and eventually my business folded and again I quit.


I was in a VERY BAD place in my mind at that point, and I was starting to get depressed…


I remember spending hours at night just thinking to myself… about how I blamed myself for losing all that money…


At the time, I HATED the way my life was…

YES, It’s me! Back 2014. Look shabby


But fortunately life has a funny way of bringing you back again… doesn’t it..?


It was time to start again!


Again in May 2015 I picked up my phone and called Mr. Chilato and told him that I have decided to give another shot 🙂


The main reason was because of social media’s growth usage. I thought it could be easier for me using social medias recruiting new reps.

And unfortunately… again, I did what most people were doing… I started posting links and telling people about my products online, in forums or on social media sites which just pissed them off.


I was trying building my business using outdated ways like almost everyone doing in this industry.


I couldn’t figure out why other people could take the exact same product or service and sell millions of it, while I couldn’t make a single sale.


I’d constantly have to fight back the thought that I’m just not cut out for building a business, and that I just don’t have what it takes.


While I hated the thought of selling and my constant failure at it, I hated the thought of being broke for the rest of my life even more, so I kept hacking away at this business thing for the next 1 year with zero success.


So I decided to look for a solution and then come to figured out two things


First, I absolutely hated pitching my business to people, whether they were friends and family members. The whole process just made me sick. If you have been there, I’m sure you can relate.


Second, in order to become rich, I knew I would need to sell a lot of stuff to a lot of people… and that was going to be difficult given the fact that I only had few hours each day to build my business…


So the bottom line was, I needed to figure out how I could show the business to 1000 per day, instead of 10 people per day, which meant there was only one solution…


I needed to clone myself and yes I eventually figured out a way to do it. Now let me share…

While everyone else in the industry was learning how to prospect on the phone, answer objections, get people to meetings, hand out CDs, or invite people to online presentations…


I had my face buried in a few dusty old books, online marketing courses I had discovered that teaching me a little-known skills called “Copywriting”. Then I finally came up with idea of developing the “Revolutionary Business Automation Marketing (BAM)” Technology called…



So instead of pitching my business over the phone, I started using new skill to write simple sales messages that sold my opportunity for me. It told the whole story, answered all of the most common objections, and created this crazy desire in people to join my business automatically.


And it works. Big time.


As I we all know, that the future of network marketing is about leveraging the internet to build your business.


So, inviting you to join our team here.

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